A Sailing We Will Go!

On Saturday, 27 October 2012, we were in Bau to see the  Jong Regatta 2012  event.  It is a sailing competition using a small sail boat. Basically, you just let go of the small sail boat called ‘Jong’ and let the wind carry it to the other end of the lake. The first boat to reach the end would be the winner.

We arrived at about 10am, just in time to see the 3rd round of the race. There was also a remote control speed boat showcase. There were few booths on display too. The booth we were particularly  interested in was the mining booth, North Borneo Gold. There were old photographs and history of the mining but they strictly stated no photographs allowed so we didn’t take any.

These are the photographs we took on that day.

Reaching Bau town.

Looks deserted? That’s because almost everyone was at Bau Lake for the event. So we headed there straight away.

We reached the lake and saw many spectators all lined up waiting for the event. There was a remote control power boat racing as well. Small as it looks, the noise it makes was deafening. So we walked on to see what else was going on.

Some awesome power was shown by this little power boat.

All lined up, ready for some action.

There were distraction of all sorts including this mouth watering BBQ chicken wings.

More food!

Very difficult not to think about food as we walked along to our destination.

There it is! A ‘Jong’. This is what they used for the race. It is actually a miniature yacht.

Participants waiting for their ‘Jong’ to be transferred to the starting line.

Some participants were already in the water getting ready. I should say, between their feet and the bottom of the lake, that’s a whole 300ft (91m).

All lined up, ready for the race. The weather was nice. It was windy and not too hot.

There they go! The wind will carry all the small boats to the finishing line which is on the other end of the lake.

This was a beauty. There were more ‘Jong’ to be seen but we were heading to a booth we were interested in. We had to remind ourselves that we were there for our ‘Project Blue Lake’.

Stay tuned to know more.




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